Good Bye Las Vegas hello Laughlin, Nevada

Rumrunner1 and I depart around 9:00 Am and headed south for Laughlin.

We had one cache we had to knock that both us wanted of our DNF list. Lighting our way was it and sure enough it took a bit but we knocked it off both our lists.

From here it was back to the car and south to Laughlin.

The first stop was to knock off some GrandPa’s and then move south.

The Grandpa Road

The Grandpa Road


The caching mobile

weather moving in  quickly

weather moving in quickly

The phot above had us worried this weather was moving in quickly with heavy rain. We did not want to be out here if it turned into a flash flood. Time to leave.

One last cache before we hit the highway again

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

The next cache called Oregon Trail was a bit of a surprise. We both got out of the car and and both said at the same time got it. Okay we have come across this before. It mostly happenes when cachers don’t want to look for a cache longer than they think they should and put replacement cache in place.
I opened my container to find a logbook and Rumrunner1 opened his to find 2 bags of dope. This cache is what one might call a Happy Face cache as well.

both containers, yes we put both back...

both containers, yes we put both back…

I have to say once we headed south we decided to grab a few more caches in California near where we were to turn for Laughlin.
We grabbed Tri-State C after crossing into California.

California here we come

California here we come

Okay that was a quick trip now back to Nevada.


There was a cache near the sign

Now we headed for Lauglin and our hotel but not before stopping for one more. Have you ever heard that before just one more when caching?

Tonight we are staying in Harrah’s Laughlin for $16 or $8 each.  Yea not bad either.
we checked in got cleaned up then headed for dinner in Bullhead City Arizona.

We had to make a stop at McDonalds to do a pocket Query so we grabbed one more cache. This would make 3 states in a day and 31 caches today.

It was dinner at Chilli’s tonight.

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