Laughlin to Yuma, Arizona

Today we checked out and headed south for Yuma but not before grabbing a few caches in the area.

The first stop was a cache called View from Harrahs which we soon located.
We then headed of to do a cache called Roadside Attraction which we couldn’t find (DNF). It turns out this cache was in fact missing and recently archived.

View of Harrahs

View of Harrah’s

We then headed to the waterfront to try and grab some caches one was called Monkey Business



We tried to do another cache called called Welcome to Arizona . We had tried last night after dinner but it was getting dark. Back today and still no luck . Logs suggest the coordinates are way out. The area was recently landscaped as well. I widened the search and found a nice pile of trash about 50 m away. This pile was landscaping material recently left there.
Great job for this company do the job and leave your junk.

The offending company

The offending company –

From here we grabbed a Virtual and then pointed ourselves south.

Rumrunner1 found a BIG one

Rumrunner1 found a BIG one


some of the scenery passing us by

I found a Nevada Nano

I found a Nevada Nano – mine is bigger

We made our way south and had to stop at a RV Park so Rumrunner1 could visit his sister. I will drop Rumrunner1 tomorrow night here and he will head south to the Sea of Cortez with his sister and brother in-law.

Tonight was dinner at Olive Garden and the cache count was a slim 16 finds with 2 DNF’s.

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