Good Bye sweet-marie

The plan was to meet at the valet once again but retrieve both cars and head slightly east to grab two trails where we could park a car at each end.

We would start at Vegas Valley wash 2 and walk to CDT 1. This was a nice wide paved trail and for the most part all caches were in lamp skirts. What was most annoying is almost every house had a dog. The dogs barked the whole time we walked this trail. It would appear that no one cleans up after their dog either. The smell was over powering to say the least.

After knocking the trail off we headed to Nellis Overpass and dropped a car then drove over to Stardust where we dropped the car and started the walk.
Once this was done we headed over to Girl Scout headquarters to grab a puzzle cache. We we arrived at headquarters I looked at the GPS and said which cache are we getting and we were all puzzled as there were 2 caches 26 m apart. Okay don’t mind one stop and 2 caches but this close together?

From here it was one more Virtual cache called Memorial to a friend .

From here we went and had lunch and sweet-marie parted for the airport and home.

Rumrunner1 and I were to start the drive south but we decided to stay in Vegas one more night and start tomorrow.

Cache count was 28 for the day.

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