Sint Maarten – Dutch side – St. Martin – French side

Today we docked in Sint Maarten on the Dutch side of the island. I had arranged a tour with Bernard Tours before I left for the cruise. The price of $40.00 US for about 5.5 hours was great value.

There are not many caches on this island and I got one last year on the Dutch side now I needed one on the French side of the island. Since this tour stopped for a beach break at Orient Beach I would have a choice of two caches here.
We arrived at a Iguana farm first and fed them then off to the beach. The problem was when we arrived at the beach the water was very rough so the guide suggested a better place that was sheltered. I looked at my GPS and I was a few meters away from the cache Andy’s Cheeseburger in Paradise. I had to leave it and hope we got near another cache on the French side.


Iguana feeding

It was off to another beach more sheltered.

The view from the beach

The view from the beach…it was rough….

From the beach we headed to Marigot the Capital of the French side. we would stop here for 45 minutes and lucky for me time for a cache. It’s About Time! was a virtual cache nearby. I manged to get this one done and now have completed a cache on the French side.

After this we headed back to Maho Beach where one can go to Sunset Bar and watch planes land at SXM.

Plane Landing

Plane landing at SXM

It was now back to the ship where I will spend the next 6 days at sea before I would arrive in Tenerife Canary Islands.



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