Tenerife, Islas Canarias, Spain

Today we arrived in Tenerife and the plan was to try and do this multi called TENERIFE TRAM. First though I would go do another cache I did last year when I was here with Sueatsea and Addict1 called Parque García Sanabria.
Once this was completed we headed for the tram.

Philatsea  - Sueatsea - Addict1

Philatsea – Sueatsea – Addict1

The idea is to ride the tram up to La Laguna and do the way-points along the way. Soon after going to the first point things took a turn so that we decided to give up. The signal was bad and the GPS was lagging badly. The GPS would suddenly jump and we would be past the way-point.

The idea when I cruise I do caches when in port. If I get one all the better but in this case things were not going to go as planned as we also wanted to see La Laguna.

I didn’t get a cache in this port but Sueatsea and Addict1 did.

La Laguna

walking through La Laguna

local restaurant

food eaten by locals. Interesting ordering when one doesn’t speak Spanish. Thankfully Tom spoke some.

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