St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

I should start off by saying I went to San Juan with my youngest daughter to board the cruise ship Adventure of the Seas from San Juan to Malaga Spain. Once reaching Malaga I will stay on the ship for a 7 Day Western Mediterranean cruise for a total of 20 days.

Today I was holding an event in St. Thomas so any other cachers on the ship would get to know each other prior to crossing the Atlantic on the ship. The only problem no other cachers from the ship signed up and of those that did a couple (Ruanwv) that winters in St. Thomas were there. There was a couple on the ship that got into a caching as a result of a post I made on a cruise website. Addict1 and Sueatsea were using phones but didn’t want to use them here as result of being from the UK and the high roaming fees. I have told them where they should go and they went but to a slightly different gate than I had said.

As a result Russ and Anne (Ruanwv) attended and they selected the 2011 BCGA Dogwood Coin as the prize.

The four of us at Magens Bay

The four of us at Magens Bay

After the event Russ offered to drive my daughter and I to Magen’s Bay via Drakes Seat. We accepted and we greatly appreciate this.

Rough day at the beach

rough day at the beach

view of Magen's Bay from Drakes Seat

view of Magen’s Bay from Drakes Seat – cache is behind me

view of ships

view of ships going back to the port.

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