San Juan, Puerto Rico

Today it was raining off and on and when the weather broke my daughter and I headed out to do some caching.

We headed east along the road for our first stop of the day Capitolio de Puerto Rico. My daughter and I spent a long time looking with many Gecko’s jumping out at us. The area was recently cleaned up so the cache may have gone missing. With the Capitol building being behind us and camera’s all over the place the Police finally turned up and moved us along.

Capitolio de Puerto Rico

Tree for Capitolio de Puerto Rico

I was then off to the next cache La Charca around the corner and this was much better as it was a quick find.

The rain was starting to come down again and so back to the hostel and log the caches. When I was logging I noticed a new cache Wormhole 2 – Puerto Rico that came out after my pocket query. I sat down with a very slow internet connection to figure out the puzzle. Once figured out and looking at the answer I looked at the photo and went what the heck that is across the street from where I was staying. I had to wait till later in the evening because of a party at the building across the street and all the police directing traffic at the cache site. I went out and was third to find, great day to end the day.

Capital Building

Capital Building – The Bishop for Puerto Rico passed away

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