BC to San Juan Puerto Rico

I left BC on Tuesday afternoon and was driven to Seattle to catch the red eye to San Juan. That all went uneventful except I had two babies in front on me and a dog behind me on the other side. Take-off and landing can be tough for babies and dogs. Good thing I brought ear plugs.

Today I finally managed to get some caching in in Old Town San Juan. I have been here before but last time it was the San Cristobal Festival and 500,000 of your closest friends were also in attendance. Didn’t succeed with many caches. WE did manage to do one cache where we met the cache owner and I have posted it in my previous blog.

I have to say life is rough here where I am staying at the Posada Colonial San Francisco in old town San Juan.

Plaza Colon across the street

Plaza Colon across the street as seen from the balcony I am sitting writing this now.

Last time I was here there was a cache in this plaza but it has been archived now.

I went off to El Morro National Monument where we did a couple of caches along the way. One I had to leave behind last time I was here because of the San Cristobal Festival was called Cat / Dolphin/ Giraffe This was much easier this time than last time.

Cat / Dolphin/ Giraffe

Cat / Dolphin/ Giraffe cache location

There is a very nice view down the street beside the park of the Banyan Tree over the street.

Banyan Tree beside Cat / Dolphin/ Giraffe

Banyan Tree beside Cat / Dolphin/ Giraffe

Next off was El Morrow National Monument which guarded San Juan Harbour in days of old.

We managed to grab a cache across the street called Ballajá

This cache took some time as it was not where it was suppose to be. After some effort and letting many school groups pass we located it.

El Morrow Castle

El Morrow Castle from near the cache Ballajá

I have to say this caching trip is rough, as I write this I have Latin Music coming up from the streets and a cocktail beside me.

There was a puzzle cache I could not do before I left as it was Old San Juan Stereograms I couldn’t read this thing if my life depended on it. I asked a fellow cacher SWeet Marie for help and she couldn’t read it either so off it went and soon came back the answer. I managed to get this cache today for all 3 of us.

near the cache site

near the cache site.

Have to say this was bit tougher than planned because they were working on the entrance to the Art building so couldn’t get in. Walk down the street and ask the guard to enter and bingo cache was soon in hand. He was waiting to see if we found it on the way out.

We did visit the sailing vessel Bounty on the way back to our room.



I have yet to say anything on the tour of the Bacardi Rum Factory but lets say it was interesting… again..

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