South to Route 66

Many weeks ago several of us discussed heading south to do some caching. The reason was one of the local cachers has developed Lung Cancer and will soon undergo treatment. To get her mind off of it it was discussed between myself and Rumrunner1 where we could go. There was at one point a few other cachers that expressed interest but in the end it would only be the three us us. Philatsea, Rumrunner1 and Sweet Marie.

We booked the flights on Allegiant Air out of Bellingham for about $138.00 return. Rental car was from Advantage for $74.00 including all taxes. Hotel in Barstow was at the Travelodge at about $36 a night.
The real problem was booking a 7:00AM flight which would mean getting up for some at 3:00AM.

Arriving in Las Vegas we headed to the car rental counter and picked up a Chev Impala for the trip. Next stop were a couple of caches then food. We stopped at the South Point for Sunday Champagne Brunch. This took about an hour then it was south to Barstow with a few stops as we drove south.

We would stop at a few rest stops to grab some caches and then it was the Phonetic Alphabet for a total of 39 caches before arriving at dark at the Travelodge.

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