Trains, Planes and Automobile series or the Bow Tie

There was a knock at the door at abut 7:30 AM from Sweet Marie as she came back from the “free” breakfast telling us there wasn’t much there. Hmm good thing we bought bananas the night before at Von’s.This morning we headed out at 8:00Am south to do a Space Shuttle and then a Bow tie. This isn’t as early as some would head out but we were to have a good time and grab some caches.
WE did several caches along the way before arriving at the Shuttle but decided we would move onto to the bow tie as it took us longer to get here than we had planned for.

Starting out with Versa we headed north gathering up cars along the way. We had the Radio tuned to XM 06 Satellite Radio listening to music from the 60’s.
As we proceeded along we came across missing caches which we replaced then some areas with two caches several feet apart and caches that looked like they had been thrown out of a window.

Who leaves this stuff here?

Along the way we came across lots of garbage in the middle of no where, the question is why? This appears to be common in the desert.

As I said we had a Chevy Impala and had no problem out here. Using OSM Maps showed all the roads out here as well.

When we finished this series we headed back to Barstow vis Old Highway 58 collecting many caches along the way. We managed 267 caches for the day which were a record day for Rumrunner1 and Sweet Marie.

We did run into a cache where we had to climb a small hill, the rating for this cache was 4.0 terrain which was rather high. Then arriving at the cache we noted past logs that said the cache was in a cardboard box that was pretty much destroyed and piece of plywood covering it. Lifting the wood revealed a No Trespassing sign on the other side. During the walk back to the car we noted many signs.

We had grabbed Subway this morning and took lots of water with us. WE used all the water and wished we had got a 12 inch sub instead of 6 inch. Tonight we ate at In and Out Burger in Barstow.

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