Well there was an event up at Stoyoma for this weekend. It required a 4×4 to get in and Rumrunner1 had suggested a few weeks back we should attend.
Sweet-Marie also asked if she could go, so it was Rumrunner1 and his wife and 2 cachers that headed out to Stoyoma . I can tell you that a few hours in the jump seats of a Toyota pick-up can be tight. All and all it wasn’t bad to ride in the back.

We arrived at the lake and met some people as some had went to hike the Conair @ Stoyoma Mtn. cache.
We went and grabbed the Gold Country Stoyoma cache and then set up camp for the night.

We had a great night around the pretend campfire (camp fire ban on) and some great stories among friends.

I have to say Thank You to the Tulameen Turtles for hosting such a great event.

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