A day I would rather forget

Well today I headed up towards Kamloops for the day with 2 of my daughters. It was a warm clear day and we had fun doing many caches today.

It was the last cache of the day before we were headed south for home outside Kamloops that ruined the whole day. I was making a left turn into a driveway when a lady passed me and struck my car. I had the turn signal on and she admits she thought I was turning right and saw my signal but said she thought is was wrong and everyone turns right there. My car wasn’t drive-able as a result.
Well I have to say ICBC was good at getting me a car so I could get home. That was as far as they were good. In the whole process they lost my car and then found me 100% at fault for the accident. Why because I didn’t continue to watch my blind spot over my left shoulder as I made the turn. What I said, it turns out that just because you have your signal and someone passes you on a curve at an intersection doesn’t mean they are wrong.

In the end my car sustained $6800 worth of damage. It took weeks once they found my car to decide if they were going to write it off.

I did mange to get 32 caches for the day.

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