International Geocaching Day – Blockparty at Groundspeak

Today I headed south to Seattle on my own to go to the Blockparty at Groundspeak Headquarters.

It was going to be a good day where I met many cachers from home at the event. We went around together to do the 5 Challenge caches that groundspeak set-up for the event. We had to fill a Gin Bottle with water and got to keep the bottle, we had to shuck coco beans, had to ride a scooter, and lastly had to read navy signal flags.  Along the way we did other caches.
Once we completed this we were given part of a metal disc, once we got all but one we returned to get the final piece and it became a trackable coin from the party.
One should know that if you ever run into one of the founders you can ask them for their own trackable coin which they give you for free.

This was family event so there was lots to do for the young ones. There was a dunk tank where one could dunk Jeremy (Founder of Groundspeak) or another Lackey ( person that works at Groundspeak).

I have to say it was a great day where I manged to knock off 16 caches for the day gain the HQ Icon in my stats. I also manged to pick-up a few new geo-coins at the event.

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