Gold Country Tour – Day 2

Last night we stayed in Cache Creek at the Sandman Inn. It was good place to stay and on site Greek restaurant proved to be good and had everything we needed except the rat that ran through the patio at the end.

View from Gold Country - Crater Lake

Today the plan was to head north to 70 mile House and into Crater Lake then over to Big Bar Reaction Ferry. It was going to me a lot of miles today and we would get home late but it would proved to be well worth it.
The walk to the cache location proved interesting as we had a heard of cattle between us the cache. I suggested to be on the look out for cow pies because it could be a long day in the truck.

I have to say today was rather funny in the way that Rumrunner1 went off to locate a way to the Edventures cache near the lake. Rumrunner1 scooted across a rather large log to get over and said to me wait there because it won’t be good for your back. I waited and I waited as he disappeared into the distance. I looked around and saw just down from the log some very nice rocks in the creek I could walk on. I did just that.
I then found Rumrunner1 taking a photo of the lake (photo below) I walked up to him and scared him. Well he wanted to know how I got across and I said i walked across, it was easy.  Well after wwe decided there was no safe way to get down we headed back. Rumrunner1 was saying all the way back you walked across and I said yes, he said wow you have more guts than me. He went to the log and I went to my rocks and proceeded back. He stood there saying you said you walked across and I said yes and I just did it again, I didn’t say I walked across the log. 🙂 . He just looked at me…..

It was a great day caching because along the way we ran into the Coldwell family who now own the Jesmond Ranch where the Gold Country – Jesmond Ranch cache is. It was very interesting in talking to them.

Today we manged 15 caches in very long day of driving.

Thanks goes to Rumrunner1 for doing all the driving, it is a nice change.

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