Gold Country Tour

Marble Canyon Lake

Rumrunner1 and I decided to head up to the Cache Creek area for 2 days and try and complete some hikes and knock off some of the Gold Country caches.
Today’s main cache was Gold Country – Red Rock this one required a very long hike that would yield other caches along the way. It was a warm day and not as hot as it should be for this time of the year. IN the end the cache was found and the stickers removed and the log signed. Thank goodness.

The final cache of the day was Gold Country – Marble Canyon which has had problems this year. The normal way in requires one to walk across a bridge. I was here back in July and the water level in the lake was such that the bridge was under water. It was still like this today. I read something about another possible way it and sure enough it worked. While it took some time due to high water we manged to locate the cache. It goes to show that one should read past logs.

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