Shady Island – Richmond BC

Hollyburn, Mr Pelican, Geodoug, Cuddlefish, Pearlwind, Rumrunner1, Canadian Bacon, Philatsea

Today I was to meet with Rumrunner1 and his wife and head over to Shady Island and do a line of caches on the island.  Upon arriving I noticed many other cars parked there with travel bugs on them. Hmm there were now many more caches than planned.
It is like this one can only get to the island by walking at low tide and today was one of the lowest tides of the year. The other is via boat.
We all decided to wait for everyone and then head over to the island.

The walk over on the rocks was interesting with different people loosing footing and looking like a star fish out of water.

I have to say it was fun walking up the beach as a group and enjoying the sunny weather.

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