Pemberton revisited

"A view from Pemberton Valley View cache"

A view from Pemberton Valley View cache

Yesterday Rumrunner1 and I decided to head to Pemberton in his Toyota 4×4 to help Pemberton with some of their caching problems.

We spent the night at the Loghouse Bed and Breakfast. We can’t recommend this more. Lisa runs a great guest house.

Today we headed out to look at some of the caches that had coordinate problems. It was also a chance to show Pemberton how to use a GPS to locate a cache and how to place a good cache.
We went up the mountain to the Para Glider site to check on a cache and had to move it slightly due to a building being built nearby.
On the way down Pemberton had a new cache which we helped place hoping this would encourage people to visit the cache at the top.

I have to say Pemberton is doing many things to encourage caching in the area by placing new caches on trails. Pemberton also manged to get a bit of coverage on Shaw TV to promote caching. In time this will be a great place to cache.

Rumrunner1 and I  left mid afternoon and headed south for home but wanted to stop in Squamish and try and knock off some more of the Gnome series of caches.
It was a fun trip going up some of the old forestry roads where only a 4×4 can access.

During this try we went back to Gnome on the Range cache which I spent over an hour looking for 2 weeks back. Wouldn’t you know Rumrunner1 asked if I had checked in the area where he was and I said yes but don’t not check there because it has to be here. Sure enough he stuck his hand in the hole and located said cache. Yes we shared FTF on it but wow less than 1 minute to locate it.
We were soon off to visit more caches up the mountain where we managed several FTF on them.

I manged 9 caches today and 1 DNF.

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