Pemberton revisited

Today I decided to load some of the new Pemberton caches and head back and try and sort out the 2 DNF’s I had yesterday.

I left about mid day and headed north from Whistler.

I tried 4 of the new Pemberton caches and could only find 3. It turns out that the 4th was disabled while I was there because it was missing. 🙁 . The 3 I did find I was FTF on as well.
It was somewhat clear that other cacher’s were having problems locating the caches because the coordinates were out. I decided to email Pemberton and ask if they needed some help as they appeared to be new at this.

I did get a reply from Pemberton tonight and agreed that I would stop in and meet with them at the end of the week on Saturday when I left for home as I was headed the long way around back to the lower mainland.

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