Vancouver to Squamish to Pemberton

"New sign at Pemberton Info centre"

New sign at Pemberton Info centre

Today I left home to spend a week in Whistler.

I decided to cache along the way and try and get some of the Gnome series of caches outside of Squamish, I wasn’t too sure how many I would get as they say one needs a 4×4 to get them.

I did manage to get 2/3 of the Gnome caches I tried today and was FTF on the 2 I did get.

I arrived in Whistler and settled in. It was later in the afternoon that the BC Parks Series started to be published so I loaded my GPS and hit the road for Pemberton. The reason I was so interested in these caches they had BC Parks commemorative trackable coins in them. Only the first few people to log the cache would get a coin.
The first cache I headed for BC Parks 100 – Garibaldi (Wedgemount) which I manged to fulfill my wish of getting a coin as I was FTF on this one.
After this stop it was press onto Pemberton. The next cache was another BC Parks cache called BC Parks 100 – Green River View at Nairn which I was FTF on but left the coins behind as I already had my coin.

I was soon headed north again to Pemberton. A quick stop at the information centre revelled anew geocaching sign. It appears Pemberton is placing caches around the area and I would now have to do some more exploring.

I managed to get 7 caches today with 4 FTF and DNF on 3 caches. Oh well will be back to solve that problem. It was great day caching!

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