Caching the Coquihalla Highway

"BlueSky - Coldwater River "S" Bend"

BlueSky - Coldwater River "S" Bend

Today was a day that Rumrunner1 and i decided to head up the Coquihalla and grab several caches.

While spending the day caching I introduced Rumrunner1 to the Gold Country of caches. We went up to Brookmere so he could grab his first Gold Country cache and first sticker. For those not familiar with the Gold Country series there are stickers in each cache and you collect them along the way. When one gets 24 stickers you can send the sticker page and get a small Gold bar trackable coin.
I had started the Gold Country series a few years ago and thus several of the caches we did today I had already done.

I managed to get 20 caches today which included 1 Gold Country I had not got before.

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