Stoyoma – Day 2

This morning many complained it was cold last night and I have to admit I was cold last night. There was frost on tents and the ground.

We got up and decided to leave the cam up to dry out and head out for the Conair @ Stoyoma cache. We were told to expect it to take about 4 hours round trip.

We headed of and were given the coordinates for a new cache that was placed yesterday by the Turtles.
The hike was only suppose to be a height gain of only a few hundred meters but it sure seamed like more and I mean more.

It was a great day hiking with the four of us and once we arrived at the cache it felt so good. I located the cache away from the coordinates and we all soon signed the log.

I would like to Thank Rumrunner1 and The Coke for the use of their Toyota and The Turtles for hosting the event. It wasn’t that many caches but it allowed us to get a few we wouldn’t otherwise get.

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