Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Today brought us to the volcanic Island of Lanzarote. Rumrunner1 and I had decided to rent a car a short distance down the pier.
We were soon off with his daughter also with us and we were headed to the south end of the island. I did the first bit of the driving while he directed me to there.
If one has a Garmin hand-held GPS you can get maps for free from Free worldwide routable Garmin Maps. They work great, and even better that they are free.

We did several caches today but the most notable one was a virtual cache called Montaña de las Lapas o del Cuervo. This cache required us to visit a dormant volcano and we decided to hike to the top and look inside. Once we did this we then went inside to complete the requirements of this cache.

We also did another cache called La Bomba which provided us a walk on volcanic rock. The best way to describe this is was moon like.

There was another cache we did that took us past a Camel Farm, very interesting.

We did stop at the Winery called Stravs Winery where we sampled three different wines they grow grapes for.

We completed a total of 6 caches here today and one of the best caches of the trip so far. I would never have seen the volcano had it not been for caching or seen what La Bomba’s are.

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