Maderia, Portugul – Funchal

Today we arrived in Madeira. The weather was great today, and in fact was likely the worst day of the cruise so far. We had rain showers with thunder and lightening all day.
Rumrunner1 and his daughter and I headed ashore and walked into Madeira. We went to the first cache and were unable to locate it, it wasn’t for lack of trying but it was at a busy Government Office building where the employees came outside to smoke.
So we went off back to the waterfront and located the first cache of the day Fontes João Dinis where I located it quickly.

We then headed to our next cache in a very busy location. Let’s say the workers are very keen to help you find it and then want you to stop and have a bite to eat. It is called Zona-Velha and it isn’t hard to locate other than lots of muggles can be around when searching.
We did stop and have something to eat as the heavens opened up and it down poured to say the least.

We did try for one more cache but it has had several DNF’s and we were unable to locate it.

We walked back to the ship with about 8 km under our feet today, but not before stopped for some Sangria as the heavens opened up again.

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