Gran Canaria, Canary Islands – Las Palmas

Well today brought a new port and a really different experience.

I was off the ship early and headed to town hoping to get a FTF that still wasn’t found when I left home. I had seen it had several DNF’s since it was published.
I arrived on scene after a short walk from the ship. This wasn’t going to be easy as it was in a bus parking loop. The problem is one is in Europe now and being seen looking suspicious or hiding something after you find it will likely get you arrested. My problem was the Police Car near by with two Police Officers walking around. I tried for a while to locate the cache Parque Santa Catalina and had a good idea where it would be but wasn’t able to confirm it was there I soon left and decided to try it later.

I was off to my next cache of the day and located where it was but small problem there is a older man sitting on it.  I wandered off to do another cache near by and would try again when I passed by here on my return. I arrived back to find he had left and had a seat as there was a guy across the way watching me.
I was sitting there when a young girl sat down right beside me, I thought this was slightly weird as there was another 20 meters of bench along the wall. I then saw her Dad arrive and stand in front of her and he pulled out a GPS. Ahh another cacher. I then noticed he was wearing a SFU t-shirt which is not far from where I live. He introduced himself as Rumrunner1. Upon a short talk I found he lived not far from me and knew of me. Further talking to him it turns out I know his cousin which I worked with. Small World!
We located the cache and signed the log and then we were off to finish the day of caching together.

The real good news was when we were returning to the ship we stopped at the cache in the bus loop and were about to give up when I located it. It was time for a reward of Sangria!

We manged to walk about 14 km for the day and locate 4 caches.

Other caches included:
Las Palmas Trail – 1
Las Canteras: Peña la Vieja
Olof Palme
Now Archived

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