Palm Springs to San Diego

There has been a long time cache that I have been trying to do in San Diego for the last year now. I have made a total of 3 attempts at this cache and given up all 3 times, why because it is right beside the cruise ship terminal. As I left I stopped and two ships were in port today one being Holland America Line’s Oosterdam (sailed on her in November) and Celebrity cruise Line’s Mercury (sailed on her 2 years ago). There are hundreds of people milling around and the cache is in the bank of payphones outside the pier area. Crew live on these phones when a ship docks. I wanted this cache because she has had a Travel Bug I have long wanted to see in it of a Japanese cruise ship. Today would be no different, still don’t have this cache and now I see the TB is gone.

I came here to meet friends before heading home that are headed on a cruise through the Panama Canal and onto Europe.

I managed to bid the Kimpton for tonight for $80.00 the only problem is parking is $30.00 a night. 🙁 ouch.

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