Medford Oregon to BC, Canada

I drove north yesterday and stopped in Medford Oregon for the night. This morning I knocked off a few caches before hitting the road again for the final leg home to Canada. I would arrive home later tonight.

There was the 3555 Cache
Then the Petty Cache
Then the last one was the Can I park my truck here cache.


This was a great trip. I had a lot of fun despite being alone. I had the crap scared out of me when a Lizard jumped out from a cache in the middle of no where in Jean, Nevada on the Well series. I didn’t see any snakes but didn’t expect to either. Saw no spiders and was warned but other cachers and locals to watch for them.
Travelling alone presents it’s own challenges. I am allergic to Bee stings. I carry several Benadryl tablets with me in case I get stung. This is so I can take them then get to the hospital. In many cases the hospital is a very long way away. I returned home and plan on seeing my Doctor for a EpiPen.
I also carry a well stocked First Aid kit in the car. On my person in this case I carried a rubber band to act as a tourniquet in case I got bit by a snake. I also carry a small first aid kit in my back pack.
Now trying to do 66 caches in one day is hard. I use a Garmin Vista HCX GPS along with a Palm Pilot 22 to keep track of caches. This becomes a chore of going back and forth between devices to look at clues then log them. I have a friend who has a Oregon 300 who has the clues and caches on it and can also log them as he finds them. Much easier to do when you are alone. I also noticed that when doing this many caches you can only allow 5 minutes to find the cache and then move on. You will never get all the caches logged that you plan on it you spend time looking.

Visit local caching sites to get an idea of what to expect in the area you are going to cache.

I also sent emails to a couple of people on my caching plan for the day and when I should be home. When I returned back to the hotel I emailed them and advised them I returned. This was just in case anything happened because I was alone.

I left a few trails behind in the Palm Springs area that I had wanted to do when iw as there but due to a screw up on my part I was unable to do them. This means they will be there the next time I am in that area.

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