Boo Hoff Trail

I had a good breakfast and took lots of water with me. I arrived at the trail head to find 2 cars from BC and 1 truck from the Yukon.
I didn’t see anyone else on the trail while I was gone. I left at 9:30Am and arrived at the top at about 11:45 AM where I relaxed and lied on some rocks in the sun. Time to get to the bottom was 50 minutes, much shorter than the trip up. In total on the trail I did 18 caches. This is more of how I like to cache. Find a trail with caches on it and start hiking.
The Boo Hoof Cache.

"While the signs say no motorized vehicles' it appears no one pays any attention to that."

While the signs say no motorized vehicles' it appears no one pays any attention to that.

"I left my GPS up there somewhere"

I left my GPS is up there somewhere

Someone was funny at this cache, they moved the black tin can to about 12-15 feet above ground that is suppose to be on the cache at the 5 foot level. If you look at the top middle you can see the lid of the can.
I then left the cache headed for the next cache but when I got close I found out my GPS wasn’t with me. I had to go back and try and locate my GPS, I did find it after looking at many rock faces.

What I did learn this time is don’t believe the maps on  Just look at some of the caches around Palm Springs and you will see roads etc. then look at the satellite view, see any roads? The same thing happens with the GPS as it shows roads that may be there at some point and time but there is no road. Very tough trying to get somewhere to cache. I took this photo half up looking up the valley towards the top. The hike today was about 4.5 KM round trip and about 3:50 min. It was not as scenic as some other hikes I have done here but none the less I have now completed it.
Tomorrow I head for the coast and San Diego. I am going to try and cache along the way.
Some ask why I like to cache here. It is funny but I did my very first cache here. I didn’t do it back in BC. I am told that could be a record for one’s very first cache. I like the variety of hikes and the weather at this time of year. We just don’t have anything like this in BC that I have found.

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