I left my heart in Las Vegas and I did my 6000th cache

Today I would head slightly north and do the Heart Series.

I arrived at the Parking area on Pecos Road as directed and headed into the desert. The first cache was a non series cache by a power pole. Then I was off do the “Heart”.

This took almost exactly 2 hours and I walked 6 km doing it. Depending on which direction you go could be shorter than the 6 km I did. It all has to do with the puzzle at the end.

view of Las Vegas from the bottom of the heart

view of Las Vegas from the bottom of the heart

I see Red Flag is still very much going this morning. I see B-52’s taking off followed byF-15’s then shortly there after F-16’s, oh wait those are the Thunderbird’s again



It will be too soon before I see another tube in the desert for a pre-form

not another one....

not another one….



The Heart Final marked my 6000th cache:
my log said this:
This series and cache marks my 6000th cache.

Since this is about a heart I figured I would like to thank my Good Friend Sandra who started caching with me. Sandra got me off my butt and caching. Recently she was diagnosed with cancer and the outcome doesn’t look good.
Recently another good caching friend who was part of this trip Sweet Marie was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in late December 2011. Marie has undergone removal of part of her lung and back caching having done over 4000+ caches since she was told.

In BC we have recently lost 3 other caches due to cancer just before Christmas.

All these people have affected me in one way or another and encouraged me to continue caching.

The caching community is something special. I have cached in 22 counties around the world meeting some special people. I have even managed the rare feat of completing a country.

Thank you to all my fellow cachers that have got me off my butt to get here.

I manged 22 caches today and will leave it at that.

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