Boise Idaho and The “Jet”

This is the first day of doing the “Jet”.

This has been in the plans for some time. Sweet-Marie had said last year that she wanted to do it this past Spring but that wasn’t to be due to her having cancer. Rumrunner1 and I promised that we would go with her and do the “Jet”.

Since Sweet-Marie has finished her treatments for many weeks we decided to do it now. Doing it now would also allow us to attend Do the Locomotion event on Friday.

Arriving at the multi caches we decided to do those first and that is exactly what we did. The multi for the most part interesting. Let’s say there are roads then they disapear and it is up to you to make your way to the next cache. During this part I managed to get my 5000th find. This could not come with better friends.

Philatsea's 5000th Find

Philatsea’s 5000th Find

Now I am not going to take the fun out of doing the “Jet by telling you how we got to where we did because it is up to you to plan for this trip like many before. Many clues are out there. You will not likely finish this in one day but more like a 1.5 days like us and many before us. The terrain is to hard for that.

One should remember that you can do all cache types in this area if you plan right except a event cache. We did just that today and got a Letterbox, Earthcache, Virtual cache, Traditional cache, Puzzle cache, Multi Cache, and Whereigo cache today.

We had 1 DNF today, this wasn’t because we couldn’t find the cache it was because a Rattle Snake decided to protect the cache. We decided that the snake won on this one and we would leave it behind. The cache in question is the Trio Butte cache.

Trio Butte

View from Trio Butte Cache

with about 90 minutes of daylight left we needed to leave the Jet and head over to do a Earthcache and Virtual and a Weriogo cache in order to get our 7 different caches in a day. We had heard that One Cool Crack was a must do for several reasons. One was because there is a Virtual and a Earthcache there and because of what is there.

Driving to the cache area one comes to this sign below.

nothing has to be said

nothing has to be said, other than do we or don’t we?

We headed past the sign and continued on our way and stayed on the roads. We arrived at One Cool Crack and Rumrunner1 was out on on his way. I must say I have never seen him stop dead in his tracks and jump back suddenly. This was a first, why because there was a Rattle Snake in front of him.

Rattle Snake

Rattle Snake

I am not sure why he has to do this but he insists on playing with animals in the desert like he did with the spider in Utah. He threw a small object in front of the snake and wanted to see if it would strike, the answer is yes it did.

WE went around and got to the crack and had to do the Earthcache but getting close we heard another snake. We backed up and did it from a distance.

damn snakes

The guardian of One Cool Crack

So we took a group shot and pointed to the Crack.

Pointing to One Cool CRack

Pointing to One Cool Crack

Once we did these we headed out to grab a Weriogo cache and then back to the hotel which was Inn America. While it says it is a Budget Hotel trust me this has been recently renovated and in great shape. They serve breakfast in the morning which is a real plus. The price was aboput $52.00 a night, great when you split it with someone else.

Tonight we dined at Outback near the Hotel because we were simply hungry. The food and service was simply great here. That beer went down very well.

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