Logan Lake here I come but the Puzzle cache is first.

Today I am headed to Logan Lake with my friend Sandra. It would only be a Day trip so we left at 6:00 AM headed for Logan Lake.

We would have to stop along the way to do the Puzzle Final. I became to 10th cacher to complete the Puzzle final. I know there are many more people who have completed the first 72 caches but have not yet completed the Gold Country – Puzzle cache.

All I am going to say is I am not sure how the heck they got the container to where they did but I would have loved to be there when they placed it.

At the puzzle cache location

At the Gold Country Puzzle Cache location

We then headed to Logan Lake for the event and cache release of the new Gold Country caches.

This was the first even I have attended and once the booklets were handed out most people there disappeared out the door. I managed to get my GPS loaded second and was out the door. While others headed locally I decided to head south to Gold Country George Dawson
I was headed down 97C when another car turned up in the mirror. Looking in the mirror he was holding a GPS, damn another cacher thinking the same thing.

Came to a quick stop and BRDman7 heads across the road then suddenly turns around and flies past me to where we both thought the cache should be. He passes me at lighting speed and I see he is headed for a barb wire fence and isn’t slowing down. I yelled fence and he stops inches before it. I turn around and fell into this hole.
I get helped out and we both head back and he flies past me again and passes GZ and has to jump a stump that almost impaled him. I see the cache and yell I have it. I got the Gold Prize and BRDman7 was runner up.

We caught up later at Savona Mountain and talked as he said when things calmed down.

This marked my 100th FTF as well.

From here we headed back to Logan Lake and grab several of the newer Gold Country. Once this was done we headed up to Savona Mountain via Tunkawa Lake Road. Getting to the bottom and started up the road and it didn’t appear to be too bad. It was a few km up the road that Sandra was reading this cache is suppose to be done in a 4×4 only. We continued on and about 3/4 the way up a red pick-up turned up in the mirror. I could hear him saying what the heck is that in front of us.
We pressed on and came to a place where a tree was across the road. I looked and saw a path that required us to go through a ditch. I Got around and tried the ditch the first time but the bumper was hung up backing up I changed the angle and up and over I went.
We heard the truck going through and it sounded like they hit something.
Arriving at the top there was a mad dash to the cache because they thought we were fighting for the First to Find and I said it had already been got. I did manage to get to the cache first and low and behold I was third to find.
We chatted with the other cachers when we got back to the truck and they could not believe we brought a Pontiac Vibe to the top. They said the car went through the ditch like they couldn’t believe.
I said they could go first on the way down and sure enough they did. We arrived back at the ditch and we thought they were waiting to see if we would make it across. No they were there to video it.

Geo-Vide at the top

Geo-Vide at the top

We then headed for Haywood Farmer and then would head south for home.

The last cache was Gold Country Quilchena which proved to have a great view of the lake. Great way to end the day.

View from Gold Country Quilchena

View from Gold Country Quilchena

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