Gold Country here I come……

My long time friend was diagnosed with colon cancer recently and this has put a bit of a crimp on caching for now till we find out what is going to take place. This will mean I may post about several days at once like today.

A couple of days ago her and I went out to explore Gold Country and check on a cache I did a few years back.

Back in June a second series of Gold Country caches was starting to be released in groups of 12. They would be released every 1-2 weeks till all 72 are released.

We were headed out today to spend 3 days in Gold Country doing caches and staying two nights in the Sandman hotel in Cache Creek. Over the course of this week we managed to get 12 Gold country caches along with a bunch of others.

One of the first stops was Gold Country head quarters in Cache Creek, BC for Terry to present me my coin for completing the first 72 caches of Gold Country.

Terry presents Puzzle Coin to me.

Terry presents Puzzle Coin to me.

I would show you a photo of the coin but I will leave it as a surprise to you.

I will complete the final Puzzle cache next week.

One of the things that I came across is a bunch of caches where it appears cachers placing caches could care less about what the rules say about placing caches. I have never known it okay to drill holes into large fir trees and install a shower facet. What this has done to the tree is cause the shower to act as a drain for sap similar to a Maple Tree in the fall. I then run into a cache that has been drilled into a support pole for a gate that is on private property. There is nothing to say the cache owner got permission.
I am finding more and more caches that are being placed on Private property and no one say anything till confronted by the land owner.
It is up to Associations such as the BCGA to have courses on caching like 101, 201 courses but they have appeared to lost why they are here.

I have to commend one cache placement I did and that was You’ve Got Mail. This cache was well thought out and NO Damage was done in placing it. It was a mail box on a metal piece on angle iron hammered into the ground near a fir tree. It was well hidden and when I found it I thought that is why I like to cache. Nice surprise and area, it got a favourite from me.

It was a very successful weekend despite a night of thunder and lightening for hours.

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