Civitavecchia, Italy for Rome (Roma)

Well today wasn’t going to be our day for many reasons.

Just before I left I found out that today being May1st in Europe is Mayday and Labour Day. Trains from the port to Rome ran almost normally then the afternoon was a whole new story. There were 2 trains one at 14:00 and then 16:15. The next problem was there were 2 other cruise ships in port with us.

Our ship was first to be released right at 7:00 and we were off for the shuttle. The first problem of the day was no shuttle had yet to show so we walked to the train station about 25-30 minutes. The next problem was as I reached the exit point of the port was I left the GPS on the desk in the cabin. It stayed there.
We made the 8:00 train and it took 1:20 to get to Rome (Roma). Once in Roma we headed for the metro and line B to Collessio but it would turn out that it would be a couple of trains before we would board.

Arriving at Collessio we soon found the next problem. The people were shoulder to shoulder outside the stop. The road was closed and covered in people. The next problem is the Colosseum was closed for the day.


Walking out of the Metro this is the view of the Colosseum. New meets old.

We headed out for Trevi Fountain along the way we passed

Monument of Victor Emmanuel

Monument of Victor Emmanuel – was covered in scaffolding last time I was here.


We arrived at Trevi Fountain and it was wall to wall people. Most roads were closed and as the day was going on more and more people.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

The people

The people were wall to wall

After Trevi we decided to head back to the ship going for the 2:00 train because of the people. I have been to Rome in mid July and it was nothing like it was today.

So I will post some photo’s for the day.

Piazza di Spagna

Piazza DI Spagna

throwing my coin into Trevi Fountain

throwing my coin into Trevi Fountain

one of the many streets we walked with no cars

one of the many streets we walked with no cars

another of the buildings

another of the buildings

Despite no caching it was a great day in Rome. I tell you they say when in Rome do as the Romans do, in this case we decided to get out of Rome.

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