Irene Pearce Loop Trail, Langley, BC

I woke up this morning to another series of caches that mcwilli had placed. Earl has been good at placing caches in parks like this for the last year. Some of his trails are very challenging.

There was one cache that had been released this past week and I went to do it to clean up the area. I would now have to go and walk 4.8 km to clean up another 8 caches oh did I say it was raining today. Recently trails were upgraded with crushed rock and more trails added. It is much better now.

I arrived at the parking lot and noticed a car of another cacher Gearhead. I soon arrived at the first cache MNP1 alone and saw two cachers coming across the bride. I said Hi to Brad and another cacher and we talked for a bit then they offered a hint. They said they didn’t get wet and wanted to see me retrieve the cache without getting wet either which suggested the cache was under the bridge. I looked down and thought damn I am going to get wet. Hmmm lets look at this closer. I looked at the GPS and noted it was 7 m away near the trail with a 1/1 rating. Hmm this is NOT under the bridge. I soon located the cache with the guys laughing. They almost had me, I will give them credit.

I manged to stay mostly dry in the woods and was cold and wet when walking the main trail back. In total it took about 2 hours to complete the 8 caches today.

I would like to thank mcwilli for placing these caches and getting me off my backside today in the rain. Thank You Earl!.

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