Clean up in Langley and Abbotsford

I go a call from Sweet Marie this morning saying Rumrunner1 was interested in doing some caching today and was I interested. I was game to go I said. A short time later Rumrunner1 called and cancelled because he is doing a bathroom reno and the gyprock was now going to be done today.

Sweet Marie and I headed and soon off to do the first cache of the day winch was Langley Tree Climber 7 Bonus Cache which caused us to give up on this one. It was raining badly and could not see the cache from the ground.

The next one was Are U Smarta Den A Fifth Greyda? which Marie had solved. So yes I was because I followed her and we found the cache. Some would calling this cheating and I would fail but I was there and signed the log.

Soon we were off to Douglas Park in Abbotsford and Road Apples followed by several more caches in the park. This would cause us to walk about 4-5 km and I have to say I was dead half way through. I have been having breathing troubles for 10 months now trying to figure out what is causing it. It is bad when someone older than you that has lung cancer is kicking your butt.

Today I finished off with 12 caches and Marie grabbing 13 as we were near one I had done some time back.

All and all it was a good day caching.

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