Festive Fearcacher Event

Festive Fearcacher: All The Creatures Are Stirring

Tonight was an event cache. It was a cross of Christmas meets Halloween.

There were many long time cachers at the event.

The event was held at the Best Western on North Road in one of the Ballrooms. The room was filled to standing room only. It was well decorated with many scary things.

There was the usual puzzle that had to be solved by finding clues in things like a Christmas Bulb on a tree, a card in a ammo can filled with fish eggs, Gingerbread men with clues etc. I have to say gloves were provided for the fish eggs but a old cacher doesn’t use gloves, so in my hand went without a glove. Found the clue card and there were many lookee loos looking over my shoulder so they would not have to do this one.

There was prize table where people brought gifts for under $10.00 that were placed on a Naughty or Nice table. My name was pulled and it was a bag containing candy like Reindeer Poop, Elf droppings and Snowmen poop and a cup of candy, just what a diabetic needs, so I guess this was a naughty gift in my case.

It was a great night and I have to Thank Pearlwind, Catapult Geoff and Iron Maiden and Cuddlefish for hosting a great event.

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