Rolley Lake Provincial Park

Rumrunner1 and I are trying to clean up an area of Maple Ridge week by week. Today it was Rolley Lake Provincial Park.

Rumrunner1 picked me up and over we went. I have to say the weather wasn’t looking good on the way over and he was about to give up. I suggested we keep going and wait till we got there. Sure enough it wasn’t bad, the rain had stopped and the clouds may be departing.
The next problem was the park is closed for the winter.  We had to park at the gate and walk into the park. This wasn’t bad because there were caches along the way. It wasn’t long before another cache  bites the dust. It was interesting walking around the lake being the only ones in the park.  It wasn’t till we were half way around when we ran into someone walking their dog in the park.

Upper Rolley falls

After we finished the park we had to make a short drive to complete for caches at Rolley Falls. There was the Upper Rolley Falls cache and then the Lower Rolley Falls cache.

We manged 4 caches at Rolley Falls and 14 caches at Rolley Lake Provincial Park for 18 caches total.

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