Hayward Lake – East Side

Today marks another day where we met in the lower parking lot and then took the “truck” to the upper parking lot to make our way south.

The hike south was a little weird at first because we left the 2 top caches undone as they were working on the dam and figured we could get these ones later. We were try my first Wherigo cache but in the end the program wouldn’t advance at the second stage.

The caches appeared to be spread out nicely and it was a great day to cache.

At the end of the day we did manage to go get the two caches we left behind at the start of the day.

We manged 33 caches with 3 DNF’s

The best cache of the day was Steelhead Falls cache. While it took sometime for the GPS to settle down I managed to locate finally and then we had time to enjoy the falls. Rumrunner1 and I signed the log and we were off.


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