San Juan, Puerto Rico

Today we arrived back in San Juan and went ashore for the day while the ship was getting ready for the next cruise which we are also on.

The guys went ashore to cache while the ladies had the day on the ship.

It was the San Cristobal Holiday. There we stood with hundreds of muggles around us including a Police Officer as I reached up to get the cache. As we were signing the cache this lady walked up to us and said WOW your signing my cache. She had never met other cachers signing her cache. We talked to her and her family for a short while.

We manged just 3 caches today because of the holiday and they say 500,00 people in the downtown core.

"Plaza de Armas"

Plaza de Armas

lulusoy the cache owner, Philatsea, Cpt Morgan in front – Bob from Minnesota, Nevgar holding the cache, Cache owner daughter Paola

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