St. John’s, Antigua

Today we arrived in St. John’s and it was myself, Amy, Nevgar and Bev as the others had prior plans. First off was Fort St James. It is places like this why I cache. It shows us the history of the area plus we get to see something old.
We had pre-arranged for the taxi to come back and get us and take us to the next cache. This is almost a must when going out to unknown places to make sure one can get back.

We arrived at what was the Royal Antigua Resort, the place looks great but only a few people stay here due to a long dispute with the Government.
We made ourselves through the resort and down a beautiful beach with almost no one on it. Chris and I headed up to the cache as we had to climb a small hill overlooking the bay. The ladies remained on the beach and enjoyed it.
We manged two caches but I have to say Fort Barrington was one of the best caches I have ever done.

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