Bingham, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada

I had planned t do several caches in Utah but those plans headed south real quick when I woke in the morning to find 3 inches of snow on my car. I got out real quick only to get on the highway and within minutes the traffic was very slow do to a flipped semi that was carrying hamburger that spilled onto the highway northbound.

"Leaving the snow behind"

Leaving the snow behind

I head south and soon broke out of the snow.

I then continued south to ST. Georges Utah where I had planned to stop for gas and do some caches. While the weather was much warmer and shorts weather for some it was not time to switch for me. The first cache I was to do was in a location where I needed a ‘tool” to get it. I figured out that tool and I would have to buy that tool in order to get the cache. Since the cache says come on in and browse, I figured they had placed the cache and they had a BIG bin of these tools needed to get the cache. Nope not buying a tool so I can get your cache. The next one was in a location that I could just not find. I was off to the next which was hidden in some rocks at a local restaurant. The problem was it was at the In and Out Burger location and I arrived at 12:30 in time for the lunch crowd. If you have ever been to one of these locations then you know how busy they are. Nope not this time. I missed the exit for my last chance to get one in Utah because of GPS issues.

"Arizonia for a brief time"

Arizonia for a brief time

I then proceeded south and entered into Arizona, all be it for a short time.

"Much better than the Motel 6 the night before at the same $39.00. Also was on the 27th floor. Motel 6 I was on the second..

Much better than the Motel 6 the night before at the same $39.00. Also was on the 27th floor. Motel 6 I was on the second..

The next stop was Las Vegas where I had arranged to stay at the Excalibur.

When I arrived I was offered an upgraded room with wide screen TV in Tower II for $20 more for the stay. I said sure.

After checking in and showering I headed out for a walk of the strip with GPS in tow for a few Virtual caches. Virtual caches require you to take a photo of you and the object most of the time. My first stop was MGM where I had to take a photo of myself and the belly of the beast.

From there I headed down to the Bellagio where I had to see Lake Vegas and take a photo. I did a video instead.

I did a few more caches and ended up down at the Treasure Island Casino/Hotel for my last cache.
I returned back and found I had walked over 10KM’s (6 miles) for the night. No wonder I was sore with all that driving then walking.

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