TFTC, TFTH – Really?

Ahh yes Found Logs with just this in them.
For those that have no idea these means it means:
TFTC – Thanks for the Cache
TFTH – Thanks for the Hide

These are common when one writes a Found log on a cache at the end of the log.

Now with the advent of Mobile Phone apps for geocaching this appears to be all we see no matter how good the cache was.

There are many Cache Owners (CO) that spend a lot of time getting the container together and then finding the spot to place the cache and making the cache page itself. This is not done in 30 minutes as some would believe.

For myself I along with 2 other cachers we placed a series of caches that are basically different from each other cache. We tried to make each one unique and some that you would have to really think. In fact I have one cache that has over a 55% Did not Find (DNF) rate. I have no idea why many don’t like to log DNF’s but is it because it looks like you failed?
DNF’s when logged show a CO that there may be a problem with the cache.

I have had 1 DNF log and then a Owner Maintenance Required Log. Really? The reason is I have found over 5000 caches so if I can’t find it then it must be missing. I hate it when I see this because it means I have to go and visit the cache and see if it is missing. The kicker is you didn’t even log a DNF you went right to the Owner Maintenance log.
I really hate certain caches that I know are there.
There are cachers with over 30,000 found caches that I cache with and they log DNF’s so why can’t you?

For those out there that have taken to just being quick it is one thing to do this for a lamp skirt but on a good cache really? We as cache owners put a lot of time and effort into placing these for you to find. I love reading the logs for my caches and I know many other Co’s do as well.

Don’t be afraid to give a cache a Favorite Point either if it is unique. Many of you have more Favorite Points than you know what to do with. It makes us know we did something right when we thought of this cache. It makes us want to make one even better.

Think about your log and the cache before you just put TFTC or TFTH….

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One Response to TFTC, TFTH – Really?

  1. Muddy mum says:

    I hate to admit it but I’ve just put my series on PM only as I got so fed up with copy and paste logs. When the C&P log consists of one (rubbish) sentence on a small series of six. Seriously! Drives me nuts!
    One of the hides is really sneaky, yet oddly I never get DNFs, people just don’t log it. I really can’t fathom the need to not log a DNF….I still know they can’t find it! 😉

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