BCGA Part 3

I got up this morning to an email from the President of the BCGA.

The tone of her email is I am being disrespectful of her and the Executive.
The comment in her initial email yesterday was why I waited till I did to tell them of the problem. There was no Thank you for telling us and no could you help us deal with this.
The fact was I didn’t learn of the problem till late the night before. I went to bed after midnight and woke around 9 AM yesterday.
I then went and did my personal things I had to do and then got back to work looking at this some more and drafting an email.
The email was sent at my earliest possible time.
Yes I took them to task about the problem because this isn’t the first time this has happened. This is the fourth time this has happened and the BCGA has not learned from the previous three times.

The situation here is the BCGA is being disrespectful of the membership for first making a web-page live when they had no idea of how the software they were using worked.
Then they tried to make “special” logins for the Executive which they tried to hide their info so it wouldn’t be seen by others. The problem was it still told one in the URL. This says to me that they didn’t want their information public so lets do it for ourselves and to the heck with the rest of the membership.
They got caught and now trying to make it look like it is my fault.

I made a point of telling them to take the live page down till they get all the problems sorted out. That didn’t happen because they know best.

In last nights post I said it will be interesting to see if the continued problems would be fixed this morning. The answer is no they are not fixed.

So who is being disrespectful?

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