BCGA Part 3

I got up this morning to an email from the President of the BCGA.

The tone of her email is I am being disrespectful of her and the Executive.
The comment in her initial email yesterday was why I waited till I did to tell them of the problem. There was no Thank you for telling us and no could you help us deal with this.
The fact was I didn’t learn of the problem till late the night before. I went to bed after midnight and woke around 9 AM yesterday.
I then went and did my personal things I had to do and then got back to work looking at this some more and drafting an email.
The email was sent at my earliest possible time.
Yes I took them to task about the problem because this isn’t the first time this has happened. This is the fourth time this has happened and the BCGA has not learned from the previous three times.

The situation here is the BCGA is being disrespectful of the membership for first making a web-page live when they had no idea of how the software they were using worked.
Then they tried to make “special” logins for the Executive which they tried to hide their info so it wouldn’t be seen by others. The problem was it still told one in the URL. This says to me that they didn’t want their information public so lets do it for ourselves and to the heck with the rest of the membership.
They got caught and now trying to make it look like it is my fault.

I made a point of telling them to take the live page down till they get all the problems sorted out. That didn’t happen because they know best.

In last nights post I said it will be interesting to see if the continued problems would be fixed this morning. The answer is no they are not fixed.

So who is being disrespectful?

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2 Responses to BCGA Part 3

  1. Steve Roy says:

    Phil after reading all 3 of your posts on the BCGA I just have to leave you a comment. I belong to a group in BC that has similar status as the BCGA. It’s a great group, things get done – website is great, membership system is great, events happen, it’s really awesome. We call it a “do-ocracy”. There is none of this – “someone should do this” or “someone should do that”, or “we need this done” etc etc If you think something needs to be done then you just do it. Basically you can form a committee of one, have a vote and get it done. So if you want a better membership system you are free to create it. Want to change the website from Drupal to WordPress? – just do it. Think we need a secret handshake? – invent it.
    Now obviously you can’t do this as far as the BCGA is concerned as either you didn’t run for the exec – or you did and didn’t get voted in. However you are still free to create your own Geocaching group in BC, create the necessary website/membership system, recruit members, hold events etc for the good of all Geocachers in BC.

    • philatsea says:

      Hi Steve,
      The situation is this. There can only be only group that represents geocaching in BC under Provincial Society Law. The BCGA is it.
      It is the members that need to be vocal to have changes done. It is when an organization starts saying you do it, that it starts to have problems. I think the BCGA has come to this.

      There has been several problems with the group from the lower mainland that I have been told about by those that started it and the BCGA.
      Now if I started this group I truly believe that the BCGA would try and shorten the groups lifespan.

      Now having run for President with the idea that all local regional groups should be encouraged is still high in my mind. I truly believe that this will bring Geocaching together in the Province and make it look like the lower mainland controls things for the whole province.

      Yes it is great your group does the things it does and I have been to a few.

      I have quietly taken my Caching 201 OSM course to the road and online. The problem is as we found out that holding a course like this can be challenging for a large group. As the feedback showed no more than 20 should attend. This is tough to host an event where you limit numbers because Groundspeak does not want to do this.
      I have just returned from Vancouver Island and taught the course. This was done on my nickle and no money was sought from anyone.
      I am slowly getting cachers to provide their tracks so we can add logging roads and trails of where they have been. So far a few of us have added hundred of miles of these roads/trails to OSM.

      Now I was not able to answer this the day it arrived as I had a Family commitment and then went away for the weekend. I then had a further commitment yesterday to take my daughter geocaching to Manning Park. Today is the first day I have had a chance to respond.

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