What is the BCGA?

The question I have heard for the last year is what happened to the BC Geocaching Association (BCGA).

I have no idea I have told fellow cachers.

I suppose one has to ask are they even around anymore? I have had no email from the leadership saying otherwise, mind you I wouldn’t expect one either even though I am a member.

You know for an Association that says they represent Geocaching in BC one would be hard pressed to find out how.

Lets look back at the last year on some things. The Executive started cacher on the month but that lasted 3 months and was done.

The website is down for the count and no one can log in because the so called webmaster can’t fix the problems because the code is so out dated. What was he being paid for at the tune of over $1000 a year? I told them there was a problem some 3 years ago and they didn’t believe me then. They then left the backdoor to the email program open not once not twice but three times. It was then I sent an email to all members to not reply to anything because every member was getting a copy of their private information.
I was then suspended all be it temporarily from the site for this because they wouldn’t listen to my other two requests to fix this.
The BCGA has taken to sending out Spam in the form of emails for new cache listings in BC. These listings are often months old. There is also no way to get removed from the list because the web page is broken.

So exactly how many events have the BCGA held in the last year or so? I would say two (CITO’s maybe) because they have tagged onto the Metro Vancouver Geocachers group. I have seen no posting of minutes or anything else they have done. We have had one Director step down as well.

The BIG one is we have the 15th Anniversary of Geocaching coming up and there is NO event in BC hosted by the BCGA? What we get is an event hosted by Katcogo the President of the BCGA called Celebrating The Big Blue Switch.
When one reads the page it says towards the bottom “Rumour has it that there may be an announcement with some exciting news from the BC Geocaching Association”.
Really I hope this news is saying the BCGA is no more.
The announcement though should be sent to the membership prior to being announced at the event.
It says a lot when the BCGA can’t even host an event about Geocaching when they are the ones they think representing Geocaching in BC.

Lets also look at the mess the BCGA made with the Metro Vancouver Parks 500 m rule. There has been rumours that this was caused by myself and two other cachers because of a “so called power trail” we were putting in from Fort Langley to the Golden Ears Bridge. The truth is we could have placed well over 80+ caches along this route if we wanted but we didn’t. We had many things to consider like the problem on Vancouver Island for the Mega Event and puzzle solutions. It turns out that during correspondence with the BCGA and reviewer the number of caches over the distance worked out to 500m between caches on average. The BCGA thought this was a good number. I did get wind of this and sent a letter to the BCGA saying don’t use this number as there are many things that come into play. It was further stated that 500 m would pretty much kill caching in Metro Vancouver parks. I am guessing since April 01 2013 there has not been more than a handful of caches placed in parks because of this rule.
The BCGA soon found out how bad this rule was and did not and will not go and revisit it.

It is also interesting how the President shows up at the Metro Vancouver Geocachers Events to monitor what is going on and what is said. Really you are worried about this group? What you need to worry about is how to clean up your own house. Stop ordering coins you can not sell.

Now lets see if the announcement on Saturday is the BCGA turning the switch off, one can only hope. It would be interesting to see how many actual BCGA members are there.

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