What is finding a cache coming to?

Recently a cache owner (CO) archived all his caches. The reason he did this wasn’t given but it is clear why.

The CO is an Assistant Professor and used Geocaching in his teaching to show everything you see or think you see isn’t what it appears. He did a series of 5 caches with one called Blur #5 – Instinct and this cache was a difficulty 5 terrain 1. It was a well deserved 5 and I cane speak from personnel experience I spent no less than 10 hours looking for this cache with other cachers. I went back twice before it was determined the cache was missing. Contacting the CO had it soon replaced and back I went. The FTF on this one was a fluke as sweet-marie was the FTF on it and found it because her shoe needed tying and while she was tying her shoe she saw something and sure enough it was the cache. This was after the first 4 cachers logged a DNF.
I can tell you once I found it I was on the moon as this is the longest I have ever spent looking for a cache. It basically was fake grass/leaves on the ground under a tree. The only way you were going to find it was on your hands and knees.
The coordinates for this cache were right on but people wouldn’t believe their GPS and would widen out their search 30-40 m which would take you under a rather unsavory tree where homeless hung out.
This cache had 74 finds with 83 DNF’s. No idea how many other cachers didn’t post a DNF but I can bet there were many more.

During the time the cache was alive many would post a note saying missing or in their DNF. The CO would go out and check it and it was there. The cacher would come back and still not find it and post a message saying something was wrong.
This happened over and over at the end and the CO had been out and checked it. A new cacher with 81 finds is frustrated and posts a Archive notice. The reviewer posts a note saying it appears your cache is under the weather and it needs to be checked. The following day the CO archives the cache and the series.

I am guessing the CO is fed up with fellow cachers not thinking about it or maybe after several times not emailing the CO and looking for a hint.

I am not sure if many figured this would be a drive up and the rating was wrong. All one had to do was look at prior logs and the DNF’s from experienced cachers and one would see this was not going to be a drive up find. You were going to spend some time there.

It is sad to see this CO archive all his caches in the series because we as cachers won’t take the time to look for a cache that is a Difficulty 5.

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