Vancouver, BC to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This blog is slightly different than my past blogs.

This will be on caching as well as my Transatlantic Cruise on Celebrity Silhouette from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Rome, Italy then a few days in Venice, Italy.

For those that have not figured it out my caching name comes from my love of cruising which started in 1983. When I started caching this allowed me to not only cruise but cache in the various ports that I visit. I am able to download maps from for all places I have visited along the way. I have been into some pretty out of the way places in some ports that no other passenger visits while in port. Hence the caching name of Philatsea.

April 12 2013

Today I flew with my daughter On Alaska Airlines from Vancouver to Seattle then a 3 hour layover then onto Houston, Texas.  I have to say in Houston has no free Wi-Fi and any that I found you could pay for was very limited.  From here to Miami we changed carriers to American where the legroom was noticeably less but it was only a 2 hour flight.

Upon arrival in Miami Airport this was just a udder zoo. Who designed this airport? I have flown into this airport a few times in the past and it was a long way to walk but now it is much worse.  From the time we got off the flight to arriving at the rental car counter was just over an hour. There is no ceiling signs pointing the direction but these signs besides the steel post that are pink and then are not at every post. I stopped and asked someone in the airport prefacing my question as this may be a stupid question but how does one get to the car rental counters. It turns out this is the most asked question at the airport.

I arrived at SIXT Car rental which is a German Company. Upon arrival I walked right up to the counter and was offered a bottle of water. I have never had this happen before.  The check-in was quick, in fact the quickest I have ever done.
I headed down to get my car and arrived to find all the cars lined up with only 1 foot between cars.  A girl in a nice orange dress uniform met me and checked my documents and gave me my key. Now the fun begins in how the heck you get into the car.
One thing should be noted that one needs to take the SunPass toll option in Florida when renting a car. Almost all Freeways/Highways have tolls of some sort.

We stopped for dinner on the way to the hotel and I grabbed my first official cache in Florida OD 559. I had done a travelling cache a few years ago that passed through Florida that gave me Florida but I really never counted it, now I can.

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