South to Las Vegas

I have to admit this is a little late in being published, but life gets in the way from time to time.
I have a friend who I started Geocaching with and now has terminal cancer. Without this friend I would not be still geocaching today.

It was time for a trip to Nevada then onto Arizona and California and then walk into Mexico and grab a few caches.

Sweet-Marie left a few days ago and Rumrunner1 and I were to meet her today at a baseball park near Henderson after we landed.

I have to say the boarding of the flight was uneventful but the flight south was anything but that. Let’s say it wasn’t without bumps and a strong head wind had us landing about 45 minutes late. This was then compounded when we went to get our rental car. We stood there for another 45 minutes waiting to get to the counter.  That put us 1.5 hours behind the pre-arranged meet time.

For this trip I had bought a AT&T sim card for my phone for $25 for a month  that gave me 250 minutes and unlimited texting.  Sweet – Marie had a us based phone so this helped us very much.

Take a look here  for this series of caches. It was a warm late afternoon and knocked off about 22 caches in about 2 hours. Great start to the day and the week or so we would be caching down south.

Sweet-Marie stays at the Flamingo when she is down here so this trip we decided to join her at this hotel. It is pretty hard to turn down a rate $20 a night with no resort fee. Since Rumrunner1 and I share a room it comes in at $10 a night per person, this is pretty hard to beat.

hotel room

This is typical of the rooms. This was taken when I returned back to Las Vegas.

The one thing we have always done is had a good meal at the end of the day. We also don’t tend to get up at the crack of dawn and still be caching after dark.
Tonight it was off to the South Point and the Buffet there. We were not disappointed again.

After dinner was off to the Flamingo to check-into out room.

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