This is why Caching 101 courses are needed in BC.

There is a young cacher in the area who had found 1 cache. The young cacher decides that they should place 2 caches. Both caches lasted about 2 weeks before being archived by the reviewer.
They were:

The first one was at a corner store but was placed on community mail boxes which is a strict no no.

The second cache was placed in his parents front yard without the permission of his parents. Cachers arrive and start looking for the cache and Mom comes out and explains he was told to remove it.

I can bet this new cacher has given up caching.

With so many new cachers coming into the game the question becomes who is it up to who to provide caching 101 courses? It would appear that the current BCGA board has no interest in this, so exactly what do they do? I know they hold the annual blitz cache event and they mint a coin.
I have heard so many people say in recent weeks they are not sure what the BCGA does for caching in BC. There is no advantage to belong to them.

Oh speaking of coins, Sweet-Marie a local cacher ordered 2 BCGA coins at a cost of $5 each to take to an event we are going to next week. There was a hold up in the coins because someone forgot to mail them and they were mailed to her this week at a cost to the BCGA of $9.40, now the question is how much money did the BCGA loose on this?

IS this the start of the downhill slide?

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