So long Inuvik, Hello Whitehorse, again…..

Today was the day I would fly home with a stop tonight in Whitehorse.

As we left the house I did one more thing and and sent a cache in to be published. Nevgar said he would be the cache caretaker for me. I had placed the cache in a interesting location that was where the Old Inuvik Inn used to be.

We got to the airport and the Air North flight was on time. We walked out the plane and there was no security line up no nothing, just board the plane by the rear door and find a empty seat.

It wasn’t long before those old engines started and I would bid farewell to Chris and Bev and Inuvik. WE soon disappeared onto the horizon and I was headed to Whitehorse.

Arriving in Whitehorse I took the shuttle bus back to Westmark where I had stayed the week before. I had a room on the second floor this time and it was in much better shape than the room I had on the third floor last week.

I went out to try and sort out a couple of DNF’s I had last week. It turns out that Copper Nugget was indeed missing and I found it no problem and signed the log. The next one was the court house and that too was soon in hand and the log was signed.

I took the rest of the day off caching ans walked around and enjoyed the last time I would be in Whitehorse for likely some time.

I want to Thank Chris and Bev for having me and putting up with me. The highlight of the trip was 24 hour sun followed by the Dog Sled ride.

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