Caching to the Arctic Circle via Whitehorse, Yukon

For that last dozen years I have been asked by a friend (fellow cacher Nevgar who got me into caching) in Inuvik, NWT to come and visit. This would be the year. In the past I was going to drive but this year the plan was for to fly to Whitehorse overnight then fly onto Inuvik the following morning. I was then to drive south down the Demster Highway to Dawson City, Yukon and then to Whitehorse and fly home on the 14th.

I left Vancouver this morning on Air Canada and arrived in Whitehorse about 11:15. I then headed to the Westmark Hotel where I was able to check-in and drop my bag off and head out caching. I was going to cache the downtown core today crisscrossing the city for a total of 15 km’s. I have to say the Millennium Trail is one of the nicest city trails that I have seen in a long time. It followers the river for the most park and offers scenic views along the way. An example of one the caches along the trail is this one called Whitehorse – The Wilderness City


MILLENNIUM TRAIL – Also Trans Canada Trail is part of this trail system.

The S.S. Klondike

The S.S. Klondike plied the upper Yukon River between Whitehorse and Dawson City for the first half of the Twentieth Century.

One can visit the S.S. Klondike National Historic site. There is the Buckets of Steel cache at the site as well.

I did have a DNF today called Copper Nugget which was a 1/1. I went back here 3 times because I hate to log a DNF on a 1/1. I logged the DNF and the CO checked the cache and sure enough it was missing. I would get it upon my return.

I have to say I enjoyed Whitehorse and being able to cache till well after 11:00PM. This city is friendly for those walking or biking.

S.S. Klondike

S.S. Klondike

view of the Yukon River near the S.S. Klondike

view of the Yukon River near the S.S. Klondike

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