February 29 2012 – Leap Day

Well today was “Leap Day” for caching. Go out and cache and log a cache today and you get a nice shiny souvenir on your souvenir page.

Most were trying to get 29 caches for today for the 29th on the month.

I had good intentions of go down to Washington to Concrete Washington to do a series of caches with fellow cachers. The problem was there had been a snowfall warning issued for here and there. I woke at 5:00AM and no show, a look at things on the internet showed a slightly different story for area’s. Back to bed it was.

I woke up around 8 and prepared for Plan B and head to Queens Park in New Westminster and clear out that park the over to Queensborough to finish up some caches there. The day wasn’t without it’s problems as I arrived it started to rain then it changed to mixed rain and snow. It stopped and then started to rain some more.
The best cache of the day was Tucked Away as I hate sticking my hands in holes at this time of year. Squirrels are just waking up from their winter slumber and sticking your hand in a hole in a tree can have it’s problems. I managed to find this cache and managed to keep all my digits intact.

After getting done at Queens Park it was to Queensborough to finish up caches there. It was more rain and mixed rain and snow and just snow at the end. There are some great trails now here and they are well worth the walk.

I was very cold mid afternoon and I had managed 25 caches and 1 DNF for the day so far. Lots of time to get another 4 but the cold just took over. The DNF wasn’t really a DNF as the local elementary school had Pink Shirt Day in the Picnic Area a mere 10 m from the cache. I didn’t even try for it.

So all in all anytime you can do 25 on your own isn’t a bad day.

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